Bluetooth 5 – What is in for the Z-Beacon?

With Bluetooth 5 recently finding its way into the mobile phone market, its time to have a look at the features, the newest iteration of the wireless data technology has to offer, and what it means for the IoT.

At its core, it comes down to 3 crucial numbers who enable one new solution. First of all, it’s two times faster than its predecessor. Second, the range increased by the factor 4, pushing it to a maximum of 200 meters and approximately 40 meters indoors. And number three on the list: The data throughput shoots up, beating its previous version 4.2 by the factor of 8. All this while the power-consumption stays the same. The combination of the features above and the low energy consumption are making it the perfect vehicle for our Z-Beacon and its use cases. Being it retail, indoor navigation or industrial infrastructure. For the first time, we have the opportunity to digitalize our surroundings, providing the benefits of a wireless and maintenance-free beacon-network, while cutting through the old problems, being cable management and battery life.

Bluetooth 5 and our Beacons matched a perfect timing, with the Z-Beacon being one of the first products on the market, who benefit from the new technology.

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