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Location Based Services

Targeted Content when and where your customers require it.

Location Based Services (LBS) make smartphones even smarter: They become aware of their surrounding and trigger a service, once your smartphone receives a signal from one of our beacons. For example: Your smartphone displays content once you’ve reached a certain exhibit at a museum. Or your smartphone triggers your ticketing service once you’ve boarded a bus and shows you the route and follow-up connections. Use your visitors smartphones to tighten your bond with them and provide additional services! The possibilities are endless. Thanks to our Z-Beacon for the first time reliable, easy to install and maintenance-free.

Indoor Navigation

Take your customers by the hand

Z-Beacon technology reliable and precise navigation inside and outside of buildings, for examples in airports, shopping centers, museums or public buildings, basically everywhere where GPS is unavailable. Hundreds of Z-Beacons form a network to cover your building with bluetooth signals, so that an app can calculate your current position within 2-3 m accuracy, so it’s even more precise than GPS. The user can easily use it to get around unknown buildings and get an overview of interesting spots, just the way they know it from GPS-based navigation. As the whole building is covered, Location Based Services (LBS) can be used without placing separate Z-Beacons at the Point of Interest(POI) to trigger events, for example upon entering a shop. It is important to us that disabled users have the option to choose accessible routes to navigate around unknown buildings.

Indoor Analytics

Get to know your customers better than your competition does.

Indoor Analytics provides tremendous insights into the interests of your visitors. Where do they spent most their time? Which offers receive the most attention? Are there areas that are less visited than others? If Indoor Navigation is already running, then Indoor Analytics can provide answers to these questions right away. The navigation app reports the anonymized position of the user to the server, where those informations are aggregated and analyzed. With this data at hand, you can use eCommerce methods to optimize your stationary business, for example compare the effectiveness of different campaigns or rearrange your store in order to guide your visitors perfectly.

Asset Tracking

Maintain your assets, not your beacons.

Track the position of your assets, tools, cars, containers and much more, precisely inside and outside. Contrary to Indoor Navigation, Z-Beacons are not mounted throughout your space, but directly on your assets. Wired basestations then localize the position of your assets. With this method, you can for example track containers coming in and out of your storage area without having to scan each item. Or you can track your production process. If your employees are searching for production items or tools, they can easily find them with an app on their smartphone. Thanks to Z-Beacon technology you can monitor thousands of assets without having to worry about the battery lifetime of thousands of beacons.

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